Outstanding Natural History Paper of 2014 Honorable Mention

The Western North American Naturalist (WNAN) is pleased to announce the award for the outstanding natural history paper of 2014. This award was instituted to celebrate our authors’ achievements in creative and meaningful research, insightful interpretation, and articulate writing. Finalists were selected from the 41 regular articles published in Volume 74, and the WNWN Editorial Board members selected the outstanding paper and honorable mention papers by popular vote.

The winning paper is “Reproduction and pollination of the endangered dwarf bearpoppy Arctomecon humilis (Papaveraceae) across a quarter century: unraveling of a pollination web?” by Vincent J. Tepedino, John Mull, Terry L. Griswold, and Gerald Bryant (WNAN 74:311-324). Vincent J. Tepedino, as senior author, will receive a cash award of $500.

Honorable mentions go to 3 papers. Senior authors will receive a cash award of $100.

  • Rebecca McCaffery, Rita Reisor, Kathryn Irvine, and Jessi Brunson. Demographic monitoring and population viability analysis of two rare beardtongues from the Uinta Basin. WNAN 74:257-274.
  • Chalita Sriladda, Roger Kjelgren, Heidi Kratsch, Thomas Monaco, Steve Larson, and Fenann Shen. Ecological adaptation of the endemic Shepherdia rotundifolia to conditions in its Colorado Plateau range. WNAN 74:79-91.
  • Laurel J. Ramseyer and Rodney L. Crawford. A survey of spiders found in fallen pine cones in eastern Washington State. WNAN 74:405-415.

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